We Manage

Social Media Accounts (a.k.a. Community Management)

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, WeChat, Google+. The list can get exhaustive. Managing all your channels is an overwhelming task and it can take a lot of your time from taking care of your business.

Let our professionals manage your social media accounts and you will know what is happening without having to sift through all that information yourself.

Social CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

It doesn’t work! It hasn’t arrived yet! Where is my package? Your clients want to know and the questions won’t stop piling up. Sometimes, you get the same questions over and over again.

We have a strong background in managing worldwide communities with as many as over 1.5 million fans, with thousands of enquiries a day, over 11 social media channels on a 24/7 schedule. That’s a lot of questions that need answering. Our team can take care of your customers the way you would- human to human.


Do you know who are the KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) of your products? Influencers are high profile people who are capable of taking your brand to the next level.

We can help you identify potential influencers in your market and work with them to create exposure for your brand. We also maintain an open communication channel between you and your influencer, so that the message is always clearly communicated across to the audience.


Your credibility lies in your reputation. Is someone saying things that could potentially harm your brand? Is there an underlying reason as to why that is happening?

If you let us, we will be the protector of your brand. We will manage your online reputation to ensure you look as good as possible and at the same time flag off any issue to before it escalates.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Have you tried searching for your brand online? How do you fare? If you don’t find yourself on the first page on Google, chances are your consumers won’t either.

There’s something we can do about that. As if it was magic, we can work on positioning your brand to be among the first results when your customers hit the search button. We go beyond keywords – we understand consumer behaviour and work our magic from there.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

You have a limited budget  and you want to invest in Google Ads. Good for you!
But with all these options that come along with display ads, you could find yourself paying more than what you expect.

We will carefully analyze your campaign and determine which areas require more or less investment. No matter the scale of your budget, we will treat the budget as our own and make sure that single cent is well spent.

Social Media Communication Crisis

While we are constantly on the look out for any interaction that could potentially turn out to be a crisis, we understand that some things can be beyond our control. When problems arise, every minute counts. Every statement made by your company, every comment, action or inaction can define the future of your business.

During moments of crisis it can be very difficult to think clearly and make wise decisions in order to neutralize or stop an avalanche of criticism. We’ve helped clients to handle this difficult moments through consulting, analysis and customer servicing. No matter what they’re unsatisfied with, we know the steps you should follow to minimize backlash.