We Listen

Social Media Listening

Your potential customers are looking for your product but they just don’t know you… yet. On top of directing potential customers to your channel, we also proactively identify people who may have a need for your product or services and engage with them, winning you another fan.

Online Press Awareness

Word gets around faster especially if you have already considerable media attention. As long as it’s on the internet, we can track what people are saying about your brand. We do daily searches, specific topic mentions and keep our eyes peeled for campaign reviews. We can search, measure and analyze what are the media saying about you and help you get a good gauge on where you stand and neutralize potential PR crisis before it even happens.


Blog reviews can positively or negatively affect your reputation and when the bloggers pick up on your brand, it is imperative to know what they’re saying. The faster we can react to this, the better the situation will be handled.