(credit: https://newsroom.fb.com/news/2017/08/introducing-watch-a-new-platform-for-shows-on-facebook/)

Watch out for Facebook Watch

Just when you thought Facebook was going to become normal again with hilarious family photos from that vacation in 2004 and another one of your friend’s engagement photos, they present to us – Facebook Watch.

The new product which launched in the US in August last year, is a new platform for shows on Facebook. Available on mobile, on desktop and laptop, and on their TV apps, shows are made up of episodes — live or recorded — and will follow a theme or storyline.

Additionally, to help you keep up with the shows you choose to follow, Watch has a Watchlist so you never have to miss out on the latest episodes.

(credit: https://newsroom.fb.com/news/2017/08/introducing-watch-a-new-platform-for-shows-on-facebook/)

Introducing Watch, a New Platform for Shows on Facebook .(credit: https://newsroom.fb.com/news/2017/08/introducing-watch-a-new-platform-for-shows-on-facebook/)

One may think that competitors like YouTube have had many years of experience in the field, building an army of original content creators from all over the world. Needless to say, the popular streaming platform Netflix, has no chill when it comes to producing some of the best original TV series to date.

To differentiate themselves from these video content giants, Facebook will play up the social aspect of its video platform, promising that the Watch tab will do communal viewing in a way that other services didn’t. What consumers can expect is the joy of discovering videos through your friends. Every show will have a comments section, and some are associated with Facebook groups where fans can discuss new episodes in detail.

Another cool video feature that is slowly rolling out is what is called a Premiere – which will let creators publish already-made videos to Facebook Live, as reported today by Engadget.

While there isn’t much information on Premieres yet, it appears to be angled towards content like movie trailers, Facebook Watch shows, and music videos, and it would come with Facebook Live functions like chat. Essentially, it’s a way for publishers to bring the experience of a television premiere or film trailer drop to Facebook, allowing people to experience a new video together in real time. And yes, of course Ellen Degeneres is already on it, which saw the premiere of the trailer for Crazy Rich Asians.  (Credit: http://gph.is/19AU5V4)


There’s no slowing down for social media in this day and age. Social media practitioners will have to keep up to date with the rapid developments and craft great social media user experiences for their brands in the best way possible.

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