Tinkle Ta Moko

The Maori tradition of Ta Moko (tattoo) is considered a sacred art, a gift from the Universe that blesses those who apply specific symbols on their bodies. Originally from Polynesia, this tradition has been strongly rooted in New Zealand since 800 AD. This year, in celebration of Christmas, Tinkle ushers in the new year with these longstanding traditional tattoos.

Tiki O’Brien, a Maori designer renowned for his deep understanding and knowledge of symbols and traditions, has created three designs that offer peace, prosperity and love specially for Tinkle:

a) KORU – Maori spiral evokes the awakening of consciousness, personal growth and evolution. It is a source of life, peace and purity, because its spiral shape neutralizes the bad energies and offers protection to new challenges.

b) HEI-Matau – The fish hook is one Maori history’s greatest symbols, closely linked to fishing as a means of livelihood. The Matau symbolises security, prosperity and abundance, together with good health and power.

c) PIKORUA – The twist or knot is the Maori emblem that relates to loyalty, love and friendship, for overcoming the twists and turns of life. It represents the solidarity of the relationships Tinkle has forged with its partners.

These temporary tattoos can be applied on your body or other smooth surfaces (e.g. table, mugs, bottles, etc.).

Let us welcome 2017 through Maori art with Peace, Prosperity and Love!

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