The Tasty Combination of Food and Social Media

Time has proven again and again that food and social media are a formidable combination. Tasty and Proper Tasty are clear examples of this. Tasty has a fanbase of 30 million followers , while the newly created Proper Tasty, has accumulated 4 million followers and 190 million views in just one month. The interesting thing about Tasty and its great success is, as noted well in this article Fortune, how it creates content exclusively for a single platform – Facebook .

Facebook rewards (through its changing algorithm) the artists who are able to retain their followers longer in the ecosystem of its network, particularly video creators. Buzzfeed has understood and has adapted its language to the peculiarities of this distribution channel in order to deliver a very successful product. Beyond the good raw material, gastronomy is a great starting point. Content is usually visually appealing and in the form of short videos, ready to seize the ‘ autoplay ‘ feature.

Proper Tasty and Tasty are not the only examples of tailored niche products adapted to the features of Facebook that are working well today. Buzzfeed itself has applied the same recipe with Buzzfeed Video, and others such as the ‘foodie’ community Tip Hero (500,000 copies), news sites such as Now This News (347,000), AJ+ (340,000) or Tech Insider (263,000) have done the same.

Despite being a particular content niche, there are potential opportunities to monetize the product with advertising. Also, assuming the high costs of creation of content dedicated to only one channel, Tasty teaches us a few valuable lessons: the right way is to create content tailored to the characteristics of each distribution channel, and also to base the content around the audience that are living in that particular space.

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