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Students, Market Yourselves Well

As a Digital Marketing agency, we know the best tips to market companies and their brands. The idea of marketing, however, should not be constrained to just these. Self-marketing is equally, or if not, more noteworthy. Times have changed; gone are the days of just paper resumes and phone calls. In today’s world, social media’s ubiquitous characteristic means you have more opportunities to impress and be seen (and judged upon) even before the interview. Sounds frightening huh? Fret not, we will now break down the characteristics of different social media platforms for you to clearly see how you can use them to your advantage.

Know which platform to use… and use them well!

In this article, we will be focusing on the the four major platforms — the ‘Big Four’– that prospective employers love to use to know you better (or stalking, as many people would like to call it).

Facebook: Of all popular sites that are commonly used, we can safely say that Facebook is one of the best platforms to share in-depth knowledge and opinion in a relatively casual, non-restrictive manner. So we use it to the best of its abilities! Start off by knowing how to portray yourself. As you step into society, it’s time to look back and reflect upon your adolescent years… and then see how appropriate your photos are (hint: if you have pictures you do not want your parents to see, your prospective employers will most likely not appreciate them either). If you feel uncomfortable with the idea of intentionally not disclosing some pictures, think about it this way: you are still showing who you are as a person in a selective way, which is what everyone should do on social media: disciplined self-censorship and selectivity; use the fact that you get to be selective as an advantage and also, a responsibility. Then, look at your replies; how do you respond to your friends? This speaks volumes about your personality. Did you happen to chance upon insightful articles that strongly resonate with you? If so, voice out your opinions but be sensitive at the same time – craft your opinions well to avoid sounding narrow-minded and be mindful not to create possible conflicts over delicate issues. Here’s an interesting tip for you if you want to humble brag – use the tagging function! Get your friends/ teachers/ family to tag a photo of you getting your piano distinction for example; that’s showing off but hey you’re not the one posting it 😉

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Twitter: Because of the 140-character word limit, there is a tendency to send too many tweets in a row, or spam, rather. The best advice for Twitter is to not be too extreme with your expressions, your number of posts, your rants, etc. Do everything in moderation. Twitter is also a great platform to show how updated you are with news and how passionate you truly are about the things you claim are your interests. If you’re planning to work in the technology industry, show it through your followers’ list, your retweets, the articles you share. Also — although it can be interesting for your readers — if you’re going to constantly retweet celebrities or gossips about celebrities, something is wrong (yes we are being a little judgmental here but we tell only the truth). Post strategically!

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Instagram: In all honesty, Instagram feels like the most private platform out of the four – that’s where you share your rawest thoughts, emotions, feelings; it’s natural to want to make your account private. However, from our point of view, we would recommend you to make your profile public on Instagram… what do you have to hide? That’s you in your truest form, you get to tell your story in your own way and you get to let your personality shine through! Then again, if you are not comfortable with that and/or this is a side of you that once again, do not want to let your parents see, then well, keep it private. Also, do check for spelling and grammatical errors, as with any other platforms, as a blunder is not going to reflect well AND it will distract your readers from truly appreciating your heartfelt post.


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LinkedIn: We can summarise our tip in two words: UPDATE EVERYTHING. LinkedIn is the best platform to form corporate connections and it’s a convenient way of letting your prospective employer know about you – your work experiences, education, background, interests, skills… everything they need to know about you before hiring you. And the best thing is, you get to craft your online resume meticulously, so do not let this opportunity go to waste! Add all possible skills and experiences you have and expand your network. In the corporate world, this is of utmost importance.

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Besides the aforementioned, there are just a few more keywords we would like to underscore: do not overshare, be positive, be mindful and more importantly, be consistent. There should be a coherent understanding of you across all platforms even when each site has its own unique feature. You might argue that you own the accounts and you have the liberty to do whatever you want with them. That’s a fact no one can deny. But we must also bear in mind that social media platforms are shared by all and they are not as personal as you deem them to be. It is our responsibility to present ourselves strategically to benefit us in the long run.

So is social media a helpful or damaging tool? We have already given advice to make it a great weapon for your benefit but the eventual result is ultimately up to you. Strategise well and market yourself wisely!

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