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What are social media metrics telling you about your brand?

Social media marketing can generate awareness and exposure for your brand, create conversations and stories to engage your fans. Brands are jumping onto the social bandwagon, but it can get tricky. Here are some metrics that can help you navigate this world of social marketing.

1)    Reach

Reach is a measure of the range of influence of any content – it is the measurement of how content is spread across various social media channels. Essentially, reach is the number of people who encountered your content while they are scrolling away. Reach can help a brand understand the size of the audience. Increased reach would mean an increase in brand awareness.

Reach can be excellent metric when paired with the engagement metrics.

2)    Engagement

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Engagement metrics measure the actions taken by users on the posts – shares, likes and comments. Users are more likely to engage with a content that resonates with them. Brands should find out what content works best for their consumers and create content that can generate engagement with them. Pay attention to what messages generate the most likes, shares and comment. And it even might surprise you what people interact with as it is often not what you expect.

It is important for brands to focus on engagement, because your consumers can be your best brand ambassadors. Engagement becomes a critical component of a successful social media marketing strategy.

Engagement can also tell you about the demographics of users that are engaging with users. For an instance if your contents are engaged most with the young millennials of who like travelling in beachy vacation spots – your next marketing campaign can play around this information.

3)    Behaviour

Business Team Corporate Marketing Working Concept

Business Team Corporate Marketing Working Concept

Behaviour metrics can be important to your business – they let you know if those who visit your page are new visitors or are they your returning visitors. As a brand, figure out how well are you able to attract new visitors and how well you’re engaging with repeat visitors. Behavioral metrics such as duration time can also be a good indicator of how engaged users are with the content your content.

4)    Conversions

Modern smart mobile phone with on line shopping store graphic and open sign on wooden table over blur light and shadow of mall

Modern smart mobile phone with on line shopping store graphic and open sign on wooden table over blur light and shadow of mall

One of the most important metrics are conversions! After all, you want your efforts in social media to pay off and contribute to your review stream. If reach and engagement are indicators of progress of your social media, conversions are your end goal! It is important for you to know the objectives of your social media strategy – Do you want to acquire more customers? Sales? Or do you want people to visit your landing page or sign up for your latest trial?

Social media can help you make smaller conversions along the way to your end goal and this can be closely tracked and analyzed when using social media.

Let’s talk about we can help you make sense of these metrics! 🙂


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