Rethinking Ads with Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories turned one in August. In one year, already more than 250 million people engage with Instagram Stories every day.

Lately, if you had been scrolling through your friends’ Instagram Stories, you might have noticed that Stories ads now surreptitiously slip in between your friends’ Stories. Stories ads can be identified with a small ‘Sponsored’ marker at the bottom center of screen.



Klear conducted a study on 149 popular brands in 8 industries to find out how Instagram Stories has been used for marketing.

Of the 149 brands, 45% of them are using Instagram Stories at least once per week, with some of the most most active Stories publishers being well-known global brands such as Columbia, Mercedes-Benz, McDonald’s, Forever 21 and Kayak.



Instagram Stories ads use the same targeting and measurement tools as ads that run in the News Feed on Facebook and Instagram.

Thanks to Facebook’s intelligent way of targeting and retargeting, you can have the option to target audiences who’ve seen your Stories Ads and reach them on Facebook or Instagram, or you can do the opposite, targeting Stories ads at audiences that have seen your ad on Facebook or Instagram feed. Repetitive exposure to your target audience can then create a longer lasting impact on your potential audience and better impression.


As shared in our earlier post, there are various creative ways you can utilize Stories to engage your community with video copies.


Given the rising popularity of Stories, it might be worth considering engaging your potential customers via vertical video ads. If you looking to reach the 250 million people using Stories daily with captivating, full-screen video content, there is no better time than now.

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