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Pointers on Social Media Marketing


Marketing and social media – these are two big words that we commonly see. In this increasingly interconnected global village, to know your way around social media is definitely going to reap large benefits. Yet, for digital immigrants who are new to this shared online platform, social media could very well be considered enigmatic and difficult to comprehend. Then at the same time, a common use of social media is marketing, which many may have varying ideas about. So, what are the best ways to market yourself and/or relevant stakeholders? We will now introduce five social media marketing pointers that may be helpful to you for future endeavours.


#1: Know who your target audience is

Marketing refers to the act of promoting and selling your service or product. In order to sell to potential buyers successfully, you need to know who would be even interested in the first place. You don’t want to be selling meat to a vegetarian, do you? – None of them will buy it, and it’s not because your product isn’t good, it’s because that’s just not what they need. This means active market research to find out which is the best group of people to market the product to and subsequently, their characteristics to better tailor to their needs. Don’t be hesitant to do market validation such as having to do surveys and interviews with the public. Data tabulation tools can be helpful in this case. Having said that, still keep in mind that you don’t want to make your target group too narrow else you might just miss many potential clients.

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#2: Know which channel to use

Spamming via many different channels is not going to work. Sure, it might increase probability of getting your products known but then again, it takes up too much time, effort and more importantly, money; all of these could be more efficaciously channeled into one or a few sure-to-score channels. Back to the aforementioned point, employ those channels that your target audience usually uses

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#3: Establish your brand/product

What do we mean by ‘establish’ here? Know clearly and showcase your products’ personality and intangibles. People not only want to know what physical functionalities your products can achieve but the more ‘abstract’ and symbolic attachment to them as well. For example, your product’s personality can be fun, zen or wild… Exhibit these characteristics in everything you do so that people can identify with it! Establishment also means planning ahead and setting long-term goals for your products such that they do not change at the very last minute – that would raise doubts. Also, you could find relevant opinion leaders who have large influence on your target audience to aid you in spreading a good word for your product to increase credibility. Alternatively, make use of the power of social media itself – use the #hashtag to gain more attention among different communities… #it #is #free!

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#4: Create good aesthetics

Humans are very impressionable; either they like what they see and continue out of curiosity or they dislike what they see and cannot be bothered with the content. Is it better to have colourful, flashy designs or monochrome ones? Is it better to lay out everything in one page or to have more links and pop up pages? Is it better to have more or less interactivity? All of these have to lie in place with your target audience characteristics as well as your product’s personality. Most importantly, make sure that people who visit your portal knows what you can offer at one glance.

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#5: Be active and flexible

In social media, (rapid) change is the only constant. This is why you have to constantly monitor the response and feedback about your products and be willing to make subsequent changes. If one day platform X suddenly does not work, you might want to shift to platform Y. Being active also means actively seeking out opinions from your target audience – their queries, their needs, their complaints, their satisfaction; this will let you know further if your current marketing strategies are working out or if there are any improvements you can make to do better.

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And these are the five pointers for marketing on social media! Hopefully with this article, you would be on the road to become a great marketer online and that you’d be able to say:

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