Peach, Please.

On an unsuspecting Friday afternoon one week after the new year has been reigned in, a brand new social messaging application was launched. In today’s time, we have long known of the Apple, with this term almost synonymous with reliability, quality and sophistication. And now, we welcome the advent of this latest technology, another fruit by the name of ‘Peach’. It took the world by storm, or so we heard (because many of us in Singapore hasn’t even heard of it.) So for all of us ‘Peach’ immigrants, let us now investigate this app a little further.

  1. Magic Words

The most striking feature – we are sure everyone will agree – is the function of ‘magic words’; we can think of them as shortcut commands we can type. They then activate different features that provide us with interesting options to post. For example, we can type the word ‘movies’ to find out what movies are screening in the theatres. And with a click of the button, it can immediately notify your connections of what you have been up to. Pretty convenient huh?

  1. Gifs

Gifs galore! You know what they say… a picture speaks a thousand words; with a gif, you can communicate so much more with your friends! Emotions and jokes do not have to be restricted by plain ol’ words any longer. Teaming up with Giphy, Peach allows you to share gifs with your friends. You do not have to download any gifs prior to sending them, simply type in the ‘gif’ magic word and you can retrieve one from Giphy archives! We especially love this feature because sending gifs through social media has always been a little more troublesome but with this feature, presenting a gif on your space is a hassle no more.

  1. The fun of Poking

Facebook pokes are a thing of the past. Peach upped the level by introducing a new list of pokes we can choose from. We can send an ordinary ‘wave’, a ‘cake’ to our food-loving friend, a (subtle) ‘hiss’ to those who annoy you, and our personal favourite, ‘boop’ (think Tom Hiddleston interview with Smosh). The cheeky act of poking becomes fun again; don’t you think it’s amazing if you receive a ‘put a ring on it’ poke?

Albeit the cool aforementioned features, we can’t help but feel that Peach might meet with the problem of not being able to breakthrough in this oversaturated market. It has a great start, with many people trying it out the minute it was launched but then again, these are the early adopters – a mere 13.5% of the entire population who might jump onto the bandwagon. If most users’ circles do not use Peach to communicate, even these adopters will stop using the app as there is simply no one to share with. As time passes, the attention might not be sustained; even as of today, the hype has already somewhat died down.

There are also more issues which have arised – the app does not cater to Android users (yet) while in big countries like the US, they form around a whopping 40% of phone users. Additionally, Peach is still in the phase where there are constantly bugs and technical problems to be fixed, understandably. However, these crashes might further deter users who are already comfortable with large platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Other less major issues include the dearth of the ever popular #hashtag and the creation of fake accounts; one of the indirect, underlying reasons for the death of social networking platform Friendster (perhaps not that minor an issue after all).

Peach is a creative interactive app that is especially apt for fun-loving social media platform users and it basically integrates all the well-loved apps – Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Slack. But then again, homogeneity and similarity might be problems as well. So what is your verdict of Peach? As social media enthusiasts, we encourage all to try it out.

Peach? Please.

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