OWNDAYS: What really went down?

In the recent years, social media has become a vital tool for companies, both big and small not only to sell their products but also to create meaningful relationships with their customers.

Companies are constantly coming up with innovative ways to grab the attention of their current and potential customers, but not everything always goes as planned.

If you have not heard about the latest OWNDAYS campaign that took Singapore’s social media sphere by storm, here’s a quick summary of what went down.

OWNDAYS launched their “Follower Discount” Campaign, which centered around customers receiving discounts on their next pair of spectacles based on their Instagram followers and likes.

The Catch?

Followers had to take a picture of themselves in-store and upload them on Instagram. If your numbers were high enough, you could have potentially gotten a free pair of glasses! Talk about a solid deal.




The Issue:

The campaign certainly gained a lot of traction, so much so that it became far too much for the company to handle. From staff having to work overtime to what we can only assume would be a financial loss for OWNDAYS, the company had to shut down the promotion just a week after its commencement despite intending for it to be a month-long affair.

However to make up for this abrupt ending, the company said it would offer customers $10 off a pair of prescription glasses.


The Aftermath

Needless to say, there was a social media uproar.

Some customers were pissed, even threatening to take legal action against the company. Many felt that it was unfair how abruptly the promotion had ended. Customers who were already in store during the promotion were told that they were also unable to make their purchases.


Others however came to the defence of OWNDAYS saying that they company (as per their general T&C’s) had the rights to do what they did, and that Singaporeans should stop complaining.


The Problem:  

  • Lack of understanding of your target audience

    It is no secret that Singaporeans are a little obsessed with crazy deals, and the company’s promotion fit the bill perfectly.  (55% singaporeans enjoy haggling according to picodi https://www.picodi.com/sg/inspirations/cultural-sentiments-towards-haggling)

    Eager to get the discount, many played the system through tactics such as exchanging likes or followers to boost their numbers.

  • Terms and Conditions

    The company could have avoided a lot of these issues if they had paid greater attention to their terms and conditions for the campaign itself. While many pointed out that OWNDAYS’ general terms and conditions states that “OWNDAYS reserves the right to amend these Terms & Conditions at any time.” OWNDAYS should understand general terms and condition aren’t simply to be assumed. Furthermore, these terms and conditions were not stated on the campaign page, confusing customers further.


Despite the backlash, kudos to the OWNDAYS team for coming up with a fresh, new campaign that left social media world talking. Let’s not be myopic and only focus on the shortfalls of this campaign, but learn from this episode to be more far-sighted when coming up with the next big campaign!


Any ideas on how YOU would have run the campaign? Or further comments on what OWNDAYS could have done better? Leave them in the comments section below!

Cover image and screenshots are taken from OWNDAYS Singapore Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/owndays.sg)

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