Instagram Did It Again! – New Feature Allowing Multiple Photos in One Post

Instagram never ceases to amaze us with their new feature updates. If you remember August of last year, Instagram introduced Instagram Stories – a feature that lets user share all the moments of their day for 24 hours.


Just yesterday, Instagram posted a blog post announcing a new feature that lets users upload up to 10 photos and videos in one carousel. ONE POST.


Photo: Instagram

We have tried the feature and we absolutely love it. This carousel integration with the existing features is seamless. When selecting your photos or videos, you can simply tap and hold to change the order of the photos or videos.


Photo: Instagram

See the little blue icons at the bottom of the post? The photos will be featured in a swipe-able format. This means that your followers would not have to endure a gallery full of what you did last night, or what we simply call spam

What could this new Instagram feature potentially mean?

  1. Influencers and brand ambassadors using the album feature to post sponsored albums could potentially charge more? (hmm)
  2. Brands can convey their message better through storytelling.
  3. Photographers can use the album tool to feature similar themes, events or projects.

Instagram also hinted that the current limitations of only posting square photos and only one caption on the album are temporary. We cannot wait to see what is brewing in the Instagram lab. We will certainly be watching.

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