Facebook Conference 2015

Everything We Love About Facebook’s F8 Announcements


Someone trying to achieve multiple tasks at a time; that was the image that came to our minds after hearing the presentation by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook’s F8, its annual developer conference. Contents of his presentation on the future of Facebook includes an added emphasis on video, big data and advertising, new tools to improve customer service and tools to help manufacturers improve their online presence. This holds much promise for the impact that Facebook would have on the rest of the industry.

Surely, the most interesting aspect with regards to the future of social media would be the video. The prioritization of video content would allow Facebook to grow even more as an alternative to YouTube and as a profitable advertising ecosystem. Facebook announced that it will be possible to embed videos that have been published on its platform onto third party websites. This step is strategic, given that Facebook videos get as much as 3,000 million plays a day and that videos are one of the most profitable advertising formats. Hence, the next step for Facebook would be to monetize the play button. Also, pay attention to the 360º video.

Closely related to this are the purchase of the advertising video platform Live Rail in 2014 and the announcement that they offer all users’ information on Facebook to advertisers who want it. Regarding segmentation, Facebook provides more weapons for brands to better plan their campaigns. The company wants to become the best commercial partner par excellence. As noted in DigiDay, they want to delete cookies and replace them by data of users.

Another interesting announcement, especially for media companies and brands who want to deepen their advertising strategy on Facebook, was the one regarding Messenger for Businesses. The idea is simple, brands can now interact directly via Messenger with users. If done right, this could be a major revolution for customer services.

The most important new announcement for brands and agencies was undoubtedly the one of Analytics for Apps. This tool provides data on the performance of your app, in terms of engagement and conversion, and is accessible from the desktop. A brand will know not only how many people use its app but when they do it. Again, the key to this is the gold mine that Facebook has: its user database.

In light of these new developments, those who still think of Facebook as just a social network should seriously reconsider their opinions of this giant corporation.

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