The brilliant ad of “House of Cards”

Let’s analyse why the action was brilliant. The spot, in just 30 seconds, is a celebration of the values of the American dream with an unmistakable aroma of campaign. Stuffed with platitudes and markedly narrative propaganda, it hooks from the first second; meeting the expectations of the potential audience, that quickly identifies it as political material. The boom is the emergence of machiavellian Frank Underwood at the end of the assembly.

The video ends with the typical call to action, asking the viewers to visit Frank’s web application,, especially created for the advertising campaign. Viewers can download plenty of exclusive “Underwood 2016” campaign material. The action is supported by the distribution of different graphic elements in the social networks of the show (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram). The campaign was masterfully planned.

‘House of Cards’ shows a brilliant knowledge of their product , their audience and timing. First, because they create an action to promote their product making use of its strong character. And second , because the ad was first issued during the Republican debate on CNN , just as the mind of anyone who was watching the program was torn between choosing a candidate or another . Just at a time of discontent with the political class , what better way to tell Fuck U to 2016 to offer our vote the evil Underwood ? Frank Underwood 2016. FU 2016. Brilliant.