Goodbye Monopods, Hello Selfie Drones!

From camera phones to front camera phones. Then came selfie sticks and drone video cameras.

With the advent of drone video cameras and drone deliveries, now comes the rise of selfie drones. These drones are small enough to fit your pocket. Controlled by your phone through a compatible app, it makes transfer of images a breeze through WiFi.


Some of the features include locking onto your face and following you, tracking an object from above, and an orbital mode where it circles an object.

According to Rawhide, 55% of millennials have taken a selfie and shared it on social media. 74% of images posted on Snapchat are selfies, Instagram has 1000 selfies published every 10 seconds, while 93 million selfies are created daily – that’s an incredible rate! It is shocking how the selfie culture is perpetuating today.

While most of the manufacturers are still undergoing crowdfunding, selfie drones look to be revolutionising the Instagram and Snapchat selfies of the future.


Instead of being surrounded by sticks jutting into your line of sight in crowded attractions, would we be seeing flying objects that run the risk of crashing into you in time to come?

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