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Facebook’s new algorithm unmasked

In the light of Facebook’s recent announcement, they launched a series of guidelines for publishers and community managers on how to continue building a community and social presence on their platform. The new algorithm will cut into publishers’ branded content as priority will be given to user-generated content.

Nieman Lab reported that the changes were first tested in some countries and received criticism from publishers in those countries as they “saw the biggest drop in their Facebook organic reach ever seen”.

How does it work?

According to the guidelines, the algorithm that governs the news feed consists of the following key takeaways, also known as the “four essential steps to the Facebook News Feed”:

Inventory: What will the Main feed entail? – All publications from your friends, family and the pages you choose to follow. In essence, your News Feed will be made up of content from your close network.

Signals: Who posted this? When was it published? Is this spam? Meticulous details like these will become the deciding factor behind worth content.

Predictions: Taking all signals into account, the algorithm makes a series of evaluations on which publication will be more likely be in line with a user’s interest in the form of engagement received from the user.

Score: A score is established according to how important the content is ranked for the user. Publications that pique the user’s interest the most are ranked the highest and vice-versa. Facebook will provide scores for all stories and showcase them.

In conclusion, what Facebook is recommending businesses and brands is to generate content that would create conversations, invest time in creating content that is more relevant to the communities online and understand what motivates them to interact with a publisher’s page, and thus add value to the user.

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