Effective Content Marketing in 8 Steps

More and more brands are seeing the need to incorporate content marketing into their business models. You may have a section that shares regular stories, but are these stories picking up? Is it attracting the audience that you are targeting? How do you get more people to read them? It takes a lot more than just coming up with content and posting them.

Do content marketing right with these 8 steps.

1. Increase your article length.

According to Orbit Media, having articles that are 1,500 words or longer helps you rank higher in Google search engine. Having a longer post also lowers bounce rates, as readers will linger longer on each page. Taking the time and effort to share detailed information also provides value-add to your readers, lending greater credibility to your brand.



2. Be the go-to resource.

Building on the above point, We are aware that original content in this saturated internet space is a challenge. Instead of racking your brain with fresh content all the time, provide value to your article and to your readers by covering an existing topic, but in detail. Answer every single question that might be related to that single topic.

Even if you are talking about a topic that already exists, be the authority in that topic. Cover the entire topic in detail, and your article becomes the preferred piece that readers go to. Google recognizes this too. When Google does, chances are your ranking on search engine will be higher as well.

3. Tell a personal story.

Share a personal anecdote. Connect with your readers through your unique tone of voice. Have an opinion. It could be controversial, and if it is, that generates buzz. Generally, stories that lend a personal, controversial or emotional touch attracts more eyes.


4. Diversify your content.

Who says content marketing is all about words? There are different ways to present your information. Effective use of infographics, gifs and memes can get the point across just as well, with a hint of humour.


5. Market with Influencers.

Content can also come in the way of having personalities to promote it for you. Identify your target audience, and who they enjoy interacting with. According to Chute’s survey, a content marketing platform, more than 60% of brands have used influencer marketing in their 2016 marketing strategy. This number is predicted to jump to 75% by the end of 2017. Don’t underestimate the power of social media, and the influence these online personalities have on your audience.

6. Share, share, share!

Once you’ve hit publish, that’s not the end of the job. Include social sharing buttons on every article you publish, and cross-promote them on several mediums. Questions are posed on forums like Quora or Reddit all the time, and it’s the time for you (or your article) to shine. This is the place where you can establish yourself as an authority of your topic. Offer advice, and let them reference your article if they need more information.


7. Newsletters, newsletters.

If you haven’t already, you need to start working on your email list right now. Follwers are not going to remember about your brand until you give them a gentle reminder, and that little reminder comes from a new buzz in their inbox. Email is one platform that tech-savvy millenials check on a day-to-day basis. By building your email list and sending them regular updates, you will guarantee a steady flow of visits to your brand page, and hence creating a loyal stream of followers to your brand. Let them know they are not forgotten!

8. Know when to promote

Sure, you have to promote all the time. The key is in effective promotion. Be clear on when your readers are most active online. Is it when they are commuting? Is it on weekends? Study trends. When is the period when your target audience are searching for a particular topic?

Being clear of the day of the week and the time of the day allows for the optimizing of any promotional activities you push out, and a better conversion rate. Catch them when they are most active.

Even with social media marketing on the rise, the traditional form of content marketing is still holding its ground well. It is important for brands to recognize the value of content marketing, and devise strategies to complement with the other marketing strategies.

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