Creative Ways to Market Your Brand this Mid-Autumn Festival

Celebrated across the world among the Chinese community, the Mid-Autumn Festival, or Mooncake Festival, gathers families for a meal and lanterns will light up the streets. As marketers, it is an opportunity we can capitalize on.

We stormed the internet and summarized for you some of what we think are brilliant campaigns that have leveraged on the festival to market their brand effectively!

  1. IWC – Engage your audience with social media competitions!


High-end Swiss watch company International Watch Co. (IWC), accurately targeted the Chinese market with a Weibo campaign. Titled ‘The Most Stunning Moon’, the brand encouraged Weibo followers to follow the brand and share a photo of the moon with a caption. 3 lucky winners were then chosen to win a secret surprise!

  1. Oreo – Bring your product to them!

oreo mooncake

What better way to ensure your brand is going to stick in the minds of your consumer than to bring it right to their feet? Oreo did just that by placing oreo mooncakes on remote-controlled devices, delivering them on the streets to curious passers-by surprising them with a delicious, special mooncake, made with love by a local bakery.

  1. Green Marketing with New World Department Store China Limited

New World Department Store environment mooncake

Showing that your brand cares matters. This company decided that Mother Earth has had enough and kicked off a green initiative to collect and recycle mooncake boxes. In six years, they have collected close to 30,000 boxes!

  1. Because Maxim understands


Maxim, a food and beverage chain in Hong Kong, gave out 100 free special edition mooncakes each day on Saturdays and Sundays for a couple of weeks last year around the time of festivities to some of their special consumers – Hong Kong citizens with an ID number including “60” or “18”, or have the word “Mei()” or “Sum()” in their Chinese name. Understanding and rewarding your consumers definitely makes them feel special.

  1. Montblanc – Creating a pleasant digital experience


Launched in November 2014, Montblanc created a WeChat QR code where upon scanning and inputting their gender and date of birth, it automatically generates a report on how the user’s birth moon cycle coincides with their personality, interrelationships, hobbies, and career. The added feature of being able to share it generated much noise around the brand and its new collection of watches.


With just an injection of creativity, you brand can remain relevant and stay on top of your consumers’ mind.

Remember that a great campaign has to be properly publicised. If it isn’t on social media, did it even happen? Here are 5 quick reminders on the art of using social media.

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