How to Create Chatter with Social Media Captions?

There’s no certified path to winning your audience on social media. To make an impact in this ever-evolving space, your content strategy ought to have some wiggle room. Wondering how your captions can get there? Here’s the lowdown!

1. Audience

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Knowing your audience is one thing but acting on what you already know is another. We ask you to dig a little deeper and put yourself in their shoes. Ask yourself these two questions before you hit the “post” button.

  1.     Is this interesting enough for them to engage?

Keep it informative and to the point. Avoid long-winded sentences as they create confusion, leaving your audience to scroll in a jiffy. No one is grading you based on how flowery your vocabulary is, so take it down a notch and keep things simple and easy to understand.

  1.     What’s the value you’re creating for them?

Assuming you have a great handle on your target audience, ask yourselves this: what do I offer them? No matter what you’re trying to sell them, make sure you speak the same language as them. Tell them exactly why they should care. For instance, if you’re trying to sell an eco-friendly straw, there are two ways (hypothetically) you can go about it:

Approach 1: Our eco-friendly straws are reusable, handmade and come with a cleaner! Get yours today!

Approach 2: Our eco-friendly straws are reusable which reduce single-use plastic. Be the solution to our plastic problem. Get yours today!

Which one do you think would help you connect with your audience? Go figure 😉


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These questions are by no means set in stone. They are merely there to point you in the direction of writing captions that tie in closely with your Brand’s purpose. Now let’s move on to how to deliver a message with intent!

2. Message


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Never do anything without giving it a thought, especially when it’s creating copies. Before creating a copy think about what your objective is behind a post? Do you want to share information, create awareness, people to reply or simply laugh? Be sure to include your objectives in your captions.

Never leave a door closed, in fact leave all of them open if possible!  Your intention is to start a dialogue between your page and audience. So give them a reason to continue a conversation by asking them their thoughts, feelings, and opinions.

Tip: Make your questions subtle so they don’t seem out of place. They should flow with the rest of your contents in your caption.

Before we can get into the know-how. Let’s take a look at the rockstars of caption making a.k.a  Call-To-Actions. Your content gets a lot more engaging when you give people something to do with it. Whether you want them to participate in a post or visit your page, tell them what to do with the information you have just provided in the caption.

Some sound ways you can use CTAs/questions…..

  1.     Like/Share/Comment
  2.     Facebook Poll
  3.     Giveaways/Contests
  4.     UGCs
  5.     This vs That
  6.     Puzzles/Trivia
  7.     Promotions

For simplicity’s sake, let stick to eco-friendly straws for illustration. 

Approach 1: Buy one Bamboo Straw and get a 10% discount on the second one!

Approach 2: Here’s a little something for you! Sign up now and get 10% off on your second purchase> LINK

The first caption gives them enough information to let people know there’s a promotion offer but the latter promotes them to make a decision and directs them to a link where they can make their purchase. Which one do you think would bring in sales?

Lastly, do not overdo it. If a caption doesn’t require a CTA, don’t force it. Again, think about the objective and then strategize what would best serve your caption and its intent. Need help with your social crusade? Tinkerers at Tinkle are just a call away!


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