Emails as a major means of communication with Millennials

It is not surprising to read in a study on how 82% of American millennials have chosen to receive information through digital platforms and social networks; 94% of them consult these sources from their mobile devices. 6 out of 10 regularly seek out information online making this the 3rd most popular activity of this demographic. Online activities include enquiries on transportation, weather forecasts or sending emails. This is the activity which they spend the most time when they are online (hence, it makes sense to learn that Twitter, Facebook or Snapchat are interested in buying media companies such as Circa). Let’s dwell on that later.

It stands to reason that, to reach millennials, we should put all our eggs in the basket of social media and mobile advertising. It makes sense, but one question arises: why not redirect some of those efforts into email?

Data shows that 81% of the first generation of digital natives connect to the Internet to send and receive mails. Another study explains that, when it comes to maintaining direct contact with brands, should it be for shopping, customer service, or any other supposed ‘face-to-face’ conversations, millennials prefer email.

This trend has already been understood by by many. The Economist Espresso offers an information briefing of 5 stories with no more than 140 words available by email. TIME has been successful with its e-newsletter. Charlotte Five, a local media, manages its audience’s interest with an e-newsletter that selects only the most relevant news. These are just some examples that should encourage us to rethink email distribution in our communication strategy.

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