We believe that social equity is the real marketing challenge.

We believe that brands with one single, interesting & compelling social benefit will perform at their best.

We believe that aiming for social excellence should be a priority investment for any brand.

We create

We manage

We listen

We analyse

We promote

Because social means a lot to us!
Because we love our work so much, we have our own
dedicated little space to talk about them.

Some of our superpowers

We are experts on Social Media
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, WeChat, Line and yes, even Google+. We know them inside out and we can help you get the best out of them.

Websites are just the beginning
Your website is the most important page on the Internet for you and for us. Let us help you with your website and you’ll soon be standing out from the rest.

If it’s on the Internet, we can find it  
Websites? Blogs? Forums? Social networks? Tell us what you’re looking for and we will help you locate it. For us, it’s as easy as snapping our fingers.

Engaging is better than just talking
Everyone loves a good conversation. We work smart to generate relevant and interesting content for your brand. Added value content will increase the perception of your brand and the loyalty of your consumers.

We direct traffic to your channels
SEO, SEM, social ads, brand ambassadors, newsletters; all with an added touch of magic. We can bring qualified traffic to your channels making the most out of your investment. We’re not low cost, we’re smart cost.

We care about the little details
Because like you, we are people too. We take care of your business as if it is ours. We put passion and love in every part of the communication.

  • “Tinkle team has demonstrated, with Zenith watches, important values: dedication, professionalism and creativity. Last but not least, Tinkle is clearly driven for “real” and “measurable” results.”
    -Hugo Escude – Brand Director Zenith SEA, S. Korea & Australia
  • “Tinkle is a valued partner in my strategic marketing decisions and they’ve always been there when I needed their assistance.”
    -Laura Garrido – Acronis
  • “We worked with Alvaro and his team who throughout the process, showed that they had up-to-date knowledge on the various social media platforms online. They were able to provide us with various insights on our digital presence that we had not thought about previously.”
    -Fong Yee – Hawksford
  • “Tinkle Singapore is a team of creative, pro-active, engaged and highly accountable professionals with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Definitely a safe bet when it comes to social media management.”

    -David Miró – Asia-Pacific Regional Director, Catalonia Tourism Board