4 Lessons from the Best Brands on Instagram

Browsing through social media is our second nature. When we notice exceptional content, we cannot pass it up without sharing it with you!

We have compiled a list of brands on Instagram who have mastered the art of integrating their business branding and social engagement perfectly. This might inspire you to reevaluate your brand’s Instagram feed and teach you a thing or two about how to reach your social and business goals better.

1. Lorna Jane


When it comes to social media, the golden rule is to know your audience, know what they want, and show them what they want to see.

Australian activewear company Lorna Jane has perfected the art of showcasing images which attract its target audience’s persona – young, sporty, fun and vibrant – through sharing images of of women who embody these values, and partnering with influencers who reflect that personality.


Partner with influencers who represent your brand’s image. Not only do you tap on their follower base, you also get beautiful and relevant content posted by them. Incorporating influencer content also gives the brand an authentic touch that shows audiences that their desired ‘look’ is attainable.

2. Victoria’s Secret


It’s no secret how Victoria’s Secret lords over the fashion industry with their captivating, eye-catching and timely content. Apart from the highly visual nature of their brand, we discovered other Instagram strategies they’ve used to grow their followers. In only 6 months, they were able to grow 7 million new followers! How did they do it?


Most of their content are in video format. Not only are they generous with their videos, so is their content. The videos feature everything from behind-the-scenes stories of the Angels to short, entertaining GIFs. Publish exclusive content that can only be found on Instagram, so you keep your audience hankering for more. Their library of content not only revolves around the brand, but also the story around it.

3. Mercedes-Benz


When it comes to luxury, not anybody can own it, but Mercedes-Benz lets you live it, by giving Instagram followers insider access to their luxurious vehicles. Their most engaged posts are images featuring the interior of their cars.


If you are in the luxury business, consider crafting your strategy such that your feed allows your fans to feel what it’s like to live the life of an owner of your brand. Post images of things and situations your followers would aspire to in their own lives. In the case of Mercedes-Benz, it’s giving their audience a glimpse of what a Mercedes owner would look like through the interior shots.

4. Staples


If there’s one thing you can learn from Staples, it’s how they have attention-grabbing visuals, and then engage with followers by including questions and CTAs in their captions. A simple preference question, asking about their day, or something that inspires an reaction makes engaging much easier.

One of their captions read  “That’s pretty much our day. How about yours? Tell us in emojis.” When posting about a relatable food picture, their caption asks users to tag someone who they want to thank.


Any brand should engage their audience. By getting your followers to talk with you and their friends, it creates a buzz that only social media can provide. Creating an experience lets your followers unconsciously keep your brand in mind. Have simple, catchy and relatable captions that allow users to respond easily, like with an emoji, or a friend they would want to share the picture with!


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