2018’s new additions to the Emoji List

As we have welcomed the new year, let us also welcome a new version of emojis – Emoji 11.0. The release of Emoji 11.0 gives us 157 new emojis, bringing up the total number of approved emojis to 2,823. What does this mean? MORE emojis and fewer words to express yourself!

According to Emojipedia, users can expect to see the new emojis on their phone in the latter half of 2018. On top of different skin colors, the man and woman emoji will soon be able to choose from various hairstyles. The new superhero and supervillain will also support genders and skin tones.

Excited to step up your emoji game with the upcoming new emojis? Choose from further diversified options of fauna, an expansion in the emoji mammalian kingdom and not forgetting new expressions! Celebrate the geek side of you and get excited about the lab coat, DNA, and goggles emojis.

Curious to find out how the new emojis will look like? Check out the sample images for the entire list:

Here are some of the most popular emojis you need to know:


The heart-eyes emoji: used to express a passionate love for something, like pizza or fried chicken (basically anything deliciously and probably unhealthy).


The doubtful emoji: used to express doubt to another person’s reply, or to show you are contemplating.


The fire emoji: a metaphorically hot object, used to express heat or that someone is doing well or something is looking good.

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